Thursday, 5 January 2012


Kay, so I know most of you read Skulduggery Pleasant and if you don't you should 'cause they're awesome but there are so many amazing books out there. Recently I've become obsessed with The Hunger Games. It's amazinglybrilliantsuperfantasticexcellentmustread. I am also one hundred percent a Twihard, so Twilight is amazing I don't care what you say. The Host by Meyer is my all time favourite book, all time favourite, most fantastic book ever. Obviously Harry Potter is out of the question you all know it, you all know it's too cool to describe.What else? Goddess of Partholon and Goddess Summoning series both by P.C Cast are absolutely brilliant along with the House of Night series. L.J smith's  Night World, Dark Visions and The Forbidden Game they are all fabulous. I have so many more but I'm out of time, bye for now.

Stay Fearless


  1. Sorry Robin but...

    I hate Twilight it promises the world but gives you no big fight in the end.

    The Host bored me to tears.

    I adore Harry Potter and The Huger Games.

    Never heard of the goddess ones.

    House of Night I stopped reading because it was so dull.

    And I just can't stand L.G. Smith full stop.

    Sorry! :(

    And Skulduggery Pleasant is THE BEST! WOOP!

  2. Hmm not one for the more... romantic books then Shadow?

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  4. Oh no. I can do romance, more classical than modern - from the age of chivalry!
    Pride and Prejudiced, etc...
    But some of the ones you like are just a bit dull and predictable for my taste...

  5. I adore Pride and Prejudice... you'd probably like the Goddess series they're a little more old fashioned