Friday, 16 December 2011

You call that snow? Sherlock Holmes

It kind of snowed here today. It snowed in the morning to the delight of one of my rabbits, Scout and to the disgust of the other, Trouble (of course). Being born in April  neither of the two had seen snow before. Scout who wanted to eat it enjoyed it at least. Trouble who is exceptionally grumpy despised it and refused to come outside. Then it stopped. A few hours later it attemped tp snow in the form of icy rain which led to me yelling "You call that snow?" to God or Mother Nature or whoever. It hasn't snowed since.

Sherlock Holmes: A game of shadows came out today. I obviously had  to see it and so we travelled off and might I say it's exceptional, truly remarkable. Also I noticed how Holmes does bear a certain likeness to one Mr. Pleasant or is that just me?

Stay Fearless.


  1. Yeah I think he does. Although - he's not really like the original Sherlock Holmes is he?

  2. Original as in the guy from the books.